Force3 Defender Mask-"Preferred Mask of the South Atlantic League"

SAL News Release

Revolutionary Mask Protects Better Than Any Other Tested

Clearwater, Florida, May 30, 2017 – The Class A South Atlantic League has announced that the

Force3 Pro Gear Defender Mask is the preferred face mask of the league. The SAL’s partnership with the protective sports gear company will kick off at the league’s 2017 All Star Game in Columbia, South Carolina on June 20 when a player will be chosen as the “Force3 Defender of the Game”.

New technologies in protective equipment are few and far between in baseball. Following many years of designing, prototyping and exhaustive testing, Force3 Pro Gear’s Defender Mask reduces the possibility of sustaining severe head injuries by exceeding the protective qualities of any other mask tested. With the risk of traumatic brain injuries on the mind of every athlete, athlete’s parent, umpire, coach and trainer, this mask is a breakthrough in the sports gear industry and is currently being used by players and officials at every level of baseball and softball.

“We are excited to collaborate with a forward-thinking company that is dedicated to innovation and developing only the highest quality products that provide protection for our teams, umpires and players of all ages,” said Eric Krupa, president of the South Atlantic League. “With the increasing rate of head injuries suffered by catchers and umpires, we want to ensure that our teams know there is better protection available for them in the form of the Force3 Defender Mask. We are committed to spreading awareness about this mask throughout our league, and we hope to inspire other leagues across the country to join us in our effort.”

In addition to the traditional mask, the Defender is available in a hockey style in both adult and youth sizes. As a family-friendly league, the SAL joins Atlanta Braves starting catcher Tyler Flowers, the first MLB player to wear the Force3 Defender, in his desire to make parents aware of the mask and help protect future generations of players.

“We want to help parents with a catcher in the family be more confident that their child will be safer from head injuries,” said Flowers. “The more catchers we have out there, the more I can spread my passion and love for the position. Simply put, this mask is a game-changer.”

An amazing technological creation, the Force3 Defender is revolutionizing protective equipment. With virtually the same footprint as a traditional mask, the Defender’s patent pending Shock Suspension System (S3) reduces the Severity Index of impacts up to 50% in most cases. G Forces were also reduced with impressive results. Testing by third-party accredited laboratories included impacts by 70 mph softballs and 100 mph baseballs. The Defender is the official face mask of the ECAC (Eastern College Athletic Conference).

“The Defender Mask has already been proven to be a safer choice for the South Atlantic League’s athletes and umpires, and we are thrilled that they recognize this and want to spread the word about its protective qualities,” said Jason Klein, president of Force3 Pro Gear. “We look forward to working with the league to help them put the Defender Mask on the heads of as many players and officials as possible.”

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